Tuesday, May 10, 2011

*14* •Grandparents•

Through everything in life, you're grandparents seem to always be there for you.

I used Picnik, added a threshold, and added a Matte effect.

*39* •Tiny•

There are many things made in bulk these days but there are also mini things, just like these tiny clothes pins?

I used Picnik, sharpened it and added a Cross-Process effect to it.

*40* •Brush•

Many different things are used to make different pieces of art, and brushes are just one of them.

I used Picnik, boosted the colors and change the background to black and white.

*22* •Paint•

Paint is used for many different things but in the end they always create something unique and beautiful.

I used Picnik, increased the saturation and added a Cross-Process effect.

*25* •Blue•

Even though this picture seems very simple, it has alot of memories and importance. There are the last lockers we will ever have used in our high school career.

I used Picnik, added a Cross-Process effect and boosted the colors.

*3* •Bridge•

With being in physics, the SDSU competition is a big deal. This is a bridge from a competition.

I used Picnik, added a HDR-ish effect and boosted the colors.

*8* •Retro•

As music has been kind of a big part of my high school years, this mural shows retro with the colors and randomness of it.

I used Picnik and added a HDR-ish effect to it.
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