Sunday, September 19, 2010

*Forever Young..

this isnt an assignment, but i thought it was very reasonable because its the meaning behind the name of my blog...

Jacob Isaac Wessel
   *3/15/95 ~ 4/19/10*

today is September 19th..
5 months since he took his life away. nobody knows why..
we all wish we knew, we all wonder what we could have done somethings to change his future. he was young.. so so very young.   a song that was dedicated to him was the song called forever young. it was not only played at his funeral but all rememberances dedicated to him.

he was an amazing person.. and a really amazing friend to me.
i miss him life crazy..   i love you Jacob<3

*football was his true love and passion.. he was amazing!*  

*jacob and his best friend*

*brothers forever! -austin & jacob-*

*miss you!!*

*the memorial for Jacob, his team dedicated to him*

*his plaque by the tree*

*Jacob's symbol -- the dragonfly. theres a story behind this..*

The Dragonfly Story
Down below the surface of a quiet pond lived a little colony of water bugs. They were a happy colony, living far away from the sun. For many months they were very busy, scurrying over the soft mud on the bottom of the pond. They did notice that every once in awhile one of their colony seemed to lose interest in going about. Clinging to the stem of a pond lily it gradually moved out of sight and was seen no more.

"Look!" said one of the water bugs to another. "one of our colony is climbing up the lily stalk. Where do you think she is going?" Up, up, up it slowly went....Even as they watched, the water bug disappeared from sight. Its friends waited and waited but it didn't return...

"That's funny!" said one water bug to another. "Wasn't she happy here?" asked a second... "Where do you suppose she went?" wondered a third.
No one had an answer. They were greatly puzzled. Finally one of the water bugs, a leader in the colony, gathered its friends together. "I have an idea". "The next one of us who climbs up the lily stalk must promise to come back and tell us where he or she went and why."

"We promise", they said solemnly.
One spring day, not long after, the very water bug who had suggested the plan found himself climbing up the lily stalk. Up, up, up, he went. Before he knew what was happening, he had broke through the surface of the water and fallen onto the broad, green lily pad above.

When he awoke, he looked about with surprise. He couldn't believe what he saw. A startling change had come to his old body. His movement revealed four silver wings and a long tail. Even as he struggled, he felt an impulse to move his wings...The warmth of the sun soon dried the moisture from the new body. He moved his wings again and suddenly found himself up above the water. He had become a dragonfly!!

Swooping and dipping in great curves, he flew through the air. He felt exhilarated in the new atmosphere. By and by the new dragonfly lighted happily on a lily pad to rest. Then it was that he chanced to look below to the bottom of the pond. Why, he was right above his old friends, the water bugs! There they were scurrying around, just as he had been doing some time before.

The dragonfly remembered the promise: "the next one of us who climbs up the lily stalk will come back and tell where he or she went and why." Without thinking, the dragonfly darted down. Suddenly he hit the surface of the water and bounced away. Now that he was a dragonfly, he could no longer go into the water...

"I can't return!" he said in dismay. "At least, I tried. But I can't keep my promise. Even if I could go back, not one of the water bugs would know me in my new body. I guess I'll just have to wait until they become dragonflies too. Then they'll understand what has happened to me, and where I went."

And the dragonfly winged off happily into its wonderful new world of sun and air.......

Thank you God, for the story of the water bugs and the dragonflies.

Please remember Jacob who left the pond we live in...and remember me...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

*A World Without Color..

"..a picture’s worth a thousand words, but you can’t see what those shades of gray keep covered. you should have seen it in color.."

our world if full of many different, amazing colors.. but what gets looked over the most is black and white. most things are in color but when you look at them through black and white.. it changes everything*

*dont let life pass you by, step back a moment 
and take a good look*

*the world is full of many different people, but once you take a closer look.. we are all the very same*

*you are a very special one, in a very large world of many*

*beauty is everywhere.. you just have to take a good look..  
it's you :) *

*life is an upward battle. never let people tear you down. keep your head up and you're dreams soaring high. you can do anything!*

*in a crowd of "the same," stick out and be yourself. 
be an individual*

*when traveling down the road of life, one will be tempted and tried. but in the end.. it's the decisions you make, the questions you answered, the people you loved, and the things you believed in that matter the most*

*no matter where you go.. no matter how far..  remember i will always be there. im only a phone call away..*

*when the things and life tear you down. take a rest.. 
refresh, and overcome the impossible*

*take a chance.. make a dream.. 
but always remember.. never give up!*

*Never the Same..

for our next assignment we were supposed to take pictures of buildings or parts of buildings..


we had to look at them in ways you normally wouldnt.  well.. this is what i came up with! :)

an old bell..

the itty bitty little church of Lester

Lester High School :)

used to be church/ now.. community center

cute lil shed by my house

children's bus stop

pretty sweet id have to say!!!  ..old tin building

steps for the post office

this is the old jail cell that used to be in the old Lester jail before they tore it down

looove this one :)
just looking down the brick wall of ButterBraid

this is actually a tin covering for a ramp that goes up to ButterBraid. 
i thought it looked pretty cool like this.

and those are my building dealios :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

*Stay Young..

For our "portrait" session, I decided to take some pictures of my youngest sister.. she's my major cutie! :)

she definitely thinks she's a funny one..

but she's got a smile you just HAVE to give in to :)

just as pretty in black and white

my favorite<3
this actually is a very special teddy bear that's mine. she loves this bear a lot so i let her use it for some pictures

..hugs cure all the pain* :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

*Nothin.. but a good time!

So today we were assigned our next project.. 
This is an application on the MAC computers that is a lot of fun to mess around with..





dang.. hungry much!? :p


and the perfect finisher! :) <3

Thursday, September 2, 2010

*Back to School.. for the FiNaL TIME!

As summer starts to die down we all know what that means.. school will be starting soon.  Only this year it is different. We are finally in our senior year! After 12 long years we are finally in the last hallway of the school, the first ones in the lunch line, and have the respect of the school. It's crazy to believe we only have 175 days left in school, well now technically its only 167 days :)

Our first assignment in this photography class was to take "West Lyon" pictures, or anything to do with school.. and this is what I came up with!

West Lyon Community School.. this is the front of our school that we've attended for MAAANY years.

We are the W-IL-D-CATS.. the Wildcats, oh yes, cause we are the best..*

&& this just happens to be the property of the senior class. 

1. We are the Wildcats   2. A little bit louder   3. I still cant hear you..   We are #1!

..this one is one of my favorites. This is our senior hallway, the last one we are in forever! It's an amazing feeling knowing this is our last and final year. Here soon we shall be graduating and moving on with our lives. I simply cant wait for the adventure!!! :)

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