Wednesday, February 2, 2011

34. Friend..

This picture means alot to me.. Josh is not only my boyfriend but he's also my best friend :)

I used Picnik, added a HDR-ish effect then added an Adjustable Threshold effect.

28. Texture..

I chose this picture because of how detailed the tree is. Every little piece of bark is important to the tree and its life, and it shows the texture very well.

I used Picnik, sharpened the picture and decreased the saturation, then added an Infrared Film effect.

21. Time..

Sunsets represent the end of the day and in a way it also represents time. Time can stop as quick as a blink of an eye, or can continue on everyday.. just as the sun sets and rises.

I used Picnik, increased the saturation.. decreased the temperature, then boosted the colors.

39. Memory..

I chose this picture because to me it represent the past/ memories. When I look at the sunset shining through the tree, I see both happiness and sadness but that is what memories are.

I used Picnik, added a Cross Process effect and boosted the colors.

14. Spring..

I chose this picture because the flower in the picture represents the signs we see when spring begins. it is a new start to the season.. which bring beautiful things, such as this flower.

I used Picnik, boosted the colors then added a HDR-ish effect.
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