Friday, January 28, 2011

4. Tired..

I chose this picture because my brother told me he would be able to stay up all night with us, because we were going to be leaving for Illinois at 4 in the morning but he got too tired and fell asleep.

I used Picnk, added an Orton-ish effect then added a Vignette boarder.

31. Smiles..

This is one of my favorite pictures that I took while the kids were swimming at the hotel. Malinda was playing in the baby pool, bending over and putting her head into the fountain and running back to me trying to get me wet.  I took this picture while she was in the process and she just smiled when she knew i caught her doing it :)

I used Picnik, added a Cross Process effect and added a Matte boarder.

20. Family..

My family is one of the most important thing in my life.  This is a picture of all my siblings while we were at the hotel.

I used Picnik, increased the contrast and decreased the exposure. Then i change the background to black and white.

13. Cold..

I picked this picture because it has a main subject then extra things in it.  Plus with the snow for the background and most of the picture it represents cold, well.

I added a lomo-ish effect to it.

6. Romance..

Getting beautiful things from those you loves show affection and love.  My boyfriend is one of the "spoil the girlfriend" type and this is the 3rd necklace he's gotten me. Just one of the many romantic things he's done for me.

I used Picnik, added a HDR effect to it.
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