Thursday, September 16, 2010

*Never the Same..

for our next assignment we were supposed to take pictures of buildings or parts of buildings..


we had to look at them in ways you normally wouldnt.  well.. this is what i came up with! :)

an old bell..

the itty bitty little church of Lester

Lester High School :)

used to be church/ now.. community center

cute lil shed by my house

children's bus stop

pretty sweet id have to say!!!  ..old tin building

steps for the post office

this is the old jail cell that used to be in the old Lester jail before they tore it down

looove this one :)
just looking down the brick wall of ButterBraid

this is actually a tin covering for a ramp that goes up to ButterBraid. 
i thought it looked pretty cool like this.

and those are my building dealios :)

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