Thursday, September 2, 2010

*Back to School.. for the FiNaL TIME!

As summer starts to die down we all know what that means.. school will be starting soon.  Only this year it is different. We are finally in our senior year! After 12 long years we are finally in the last hallway of the school, the first ones in the lunch line, and have the respect of the school. It's crazy to believe we only have 175 days left in school, well now technically its only 167 days :)

Our first assignment in this photography class was to take "West Lyon" pictures, or anything to do with school.. and this is what I came up with!

West Lyon Community School.. this is the front of our school that we've attended for MAAANY years.

We are the W-IL-D-CATS.. the Wildcats, oh yes, cause we are the best..*

&& this just happens to be the property of the senior class. 

1. We are the Wildcats   2. A little bit louder   3. I still cant hear you..   We are #1!

..this one is one of my favorites. This is our senior hallway, the last one we are in forever! It's an amazing feeling knowing this is our last and final year. Here soon we shall be graduating and moving on with our lives. I simply cant wait for the adventure!!! :)

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  1. Great job here too! I love the hallway as well. I enjoy angles and intersting ways to look at builidngs, so I love the angle you used on the sign on the front of the building.


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